The Holidays are over, we are getting ready to go back to work. The New Year brings also resolutions, so let’s start in the office. Let’s look at 5 manners that you can change, so the moral and productivity will be high.

1. Conversations
We all like to talk to our co-workers. Do not to have negative conversations, especially about your private life. It will wear you and others down. A positive mindset will create a happy setting, you will have a much more proactive and productive team. The same conversation each day becomes boring. So, stop talking about the weather each day. Be creative and talk about something new that you might have read or experienced.

2. Meetings
Please be on time for scheduled meetings. We are all important at that meeting. Leave that phone off or on silent, so you do not interrupt others. Pay attention to all the speakers in the group, they all need to be respected and listened to. Keep an eye on your body language. It is often not what is said, but how. Stay calm and non-emotional, you are in a professional environment.

3. Gossip
A bit of gossip is always nice to hear. Although the office is not the best place. If they talk about someone, likely they talk about you as well. Let them talk, listen, but do not give it any further attention. After a while the tell-tale colleague will get less interested. This is better for the office spirit and teamwork. Instead have regular meetings to discuss the concerns, share ideas and opinions and set goals.

4. Opinion
Some are very quick to give an opinion, others are to negative, slow or do not have an opinion at all.
Rule: If someone likes to have your input, do so. If no one request your opinion, then leave it! Use your time and energy to do more valuable tasks.

5. Sick
Winter flue has come around the corner. You might get infected in the supermarket, school or worse, at work. Do cover your coughing and sneezing by your arm. Stay at home, if possible, when you are sick. Do not bother anyone unhappy appearance and hearing how sick you are. Let’s have a positive working environment.