“For a German and a Finn, the truth is the truth. In Japan and Britain, it is all right if it does not rock the boat. In China, there is no absolute truth. In Italy, it is negotiable.”Richard D. Lewis

Cross- Cultural Awareness

Etiquette is mostly influenced by culture, religion and country. What might be normal custom in one country could be a huge faux pas in another. When doing business with other nationals or conducting business in a foreign country, it is vital that you understand the local etiquette and customs. You may have a great product or company, but your first introduction is 85% of importance whether you have a successful business deal or not.

Our Cross-Cultural Awareness program prepares you to interact with other nationals. You will have a great understanding that other cultures might not consider your proposal initially. Instead, a personal relationship needs to be built first to achieve a successful business deal.

We cover subject such as:

Self-Awareness: Your own culture

Cross -Cultural Communication Methods & Tools

Different Cultural Models

Country Briefing

Culture Quiz

Do’s and Taboos

We offer training courses that can be tailor made to suit your requirement. Trainings are given in English or Dutch.

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