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Markets are becoming more and more international. Globalization of industries, companies and travel brings people together. The challenge for businesses is to keep up with the fast-changing global trends and preserve your company’s high standard and image.

Your international clients expect cultural understanding, reliability and trust. Having excellent soft skills is vital when communicating, negotiating and socializing in the international world. Being aware of different cultures around the world and what is expected or what to avoid is a must know for all wishing to excel in the international arena.

Global Etiquettes offers ready-made and tailor-made training courses and workshops for individuals, businesses and educational institutions. We offer international business etiquette, diplomatic protocol, cross-cultural awareness and international social etiquette programs. We also give individual and corporate personal styling advice.

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Our unique programs are a combination of information and practical exercises. Our aim, is to give you confidence and awareness to successfully interact socially and professionally with any individual.

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Global Etiquettes is a trained and certified specialist in Etiquette, Protocol, Cross-Cultural Communications and Personal Styling.