‘’Good manners open doors that the best education cannot.’’ Clarence Thomas

International Social Etiquette for Youth

Nowadays children are watching television, sitting behind the computer or texting their friends on their mobile than socializing or playing being outside. Good social etiquette skills are not being taught or forgotten. Though face-to-face interactions are important at school, at social clubs, at work placements, at a side job, at the neighbor’s, at friends or in family settings. Give your child the confidence to concur the world. Let them focus on what is important by feeling comfortable in any social- and future professional environment. Our after-school programs will enhance their social, communication and dining skills.

Some Topics that we offer are:

Table Etiquette at home and outdoor

Communication with others

Giving gifts and Invitations

Telephone skills

We offer training courses that can be tailor made to suit your requirement. Trainings are given in English or Dutch.

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Global Etiquettes is a trained and certified specialist in Etiquette, Protocol, Cross-Cultural Communications and Personal Styling.