You have a business trip planned in the near future. This business trip you feel will either transform you and your company or it’ll remain the same.

You have no idea of the cultural understand of the country you’ve been assigned to visit.

There is however a lot you can do and plan before your business visit.

We at Global Etiquettes are able to guide and inform you of the important behaviour your client is expecting you to know and understand.

Here are some tips:


The moment you land observe how people greet each other. What are they wearing, formal or casual clothing? Make a difference between private or business introductions. What is their body-language?

Taxi or pick-up

How do people drive? Look at the reactions of the drivers when in a traffic jam. What is the architecture like? A lot of new buildings? Colonial buildings, other cultures might have influenced the country?


Watch the local stations on tv. See what is important to their culture or what they promote. Listen to conversations while having dinner or breakfast. What do they talk about? Are there a lot of moments of silence or do they keep on talking?


What is the office culture like? Do they mingle a lot? Are people on time in the office? Do they talk a lot in the meeting?

All the above gives you thought or ideas how the culture works or how to do business and what to expect.