We all like to come across as being intelligent and honest. Either through a medium like email,
phone or personally. You might be searching for words to convey the message or overuse
certain words. Pay attention next time when you are having a conservation. Think of words that
make an impact on you and which words didn’t. Here are some words you should try to avoid

Seriously or Honestly
Of course, you are serious. You are not joking continuously. Using these words too often can
give the opposite meaning. Its like though you are making it up and that you haven’t been
honest previously.

This can sound that you are unsure of yourself. You may come across as being tenuous and
show lack of confidence. Which of the two sentences show confidence? “. I just came to see
how you are doing?” or “I am here to see, what is occurring? “.

Also or And
Often, these are considered as stop words. Avoid using them too often. It is like you trying to
find reasons to justify your talk. Try to use other words or leave them out altogether.

Sentence fillers
We all guilty of using these words frequently such as oh, ah, really, like, of course, yup, ok, right
or ‘you know what I mean.’ We use them to acknowledge that you understood something,
pretending to listen, nervousness or fill up empty pauses. Do come across confident. Saying less
has often a greater impact than using too many words.